(800) DIAL DWP (342-5397)

Low Income Rate and Payment ExtensionsEdit

The Department of Water and Power offers a low-income rate to customers within qualifying income levels. This rate reduces the cost of electricity, water and sewer services for a permanent, primary residence by up to 15 %. Income means all income of all persons who live in the household. Call for current income requirements. DWP will also work with you in setting up a payment plan if you are experiencing difficulty paying your bill.

Senior Citizen or Disabled Individual Lifeline RateEdit

This program helps senior citizens 62 years or older or permanently disabled individuals who have an annual household income of less than the allowed maximum.

Life Support Device DiscountEdit

This discount is available to DWP customers who have an essential life-support unit in their home powered by electricity or water supplied by the Department of Water and Power. The application is subject to review by the DWP medical director prior to acceptance and is also subject to periodic review by the DWP.

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