Elijah's House Drug Rehab and Addiction Treatment Center01:21

Elijah's House Drug Rehab and Addiction Treatment Center

Elijah's House Treatment Center virtual tour video

Elijah's House Treatment Center

Elijah's House Addiction Treatment Centers Los Angeles

Elijah's House is a small upscale Drug Rehab located in Pasadena, CA not far from Los Angeles and San Fernando communities of Los Angeles, County. This Addiction Treatment Center is a 10 bed facility in a residential setting. The very professional staff pride themselves on being , warm, caring and empathetic to their patients as they help them back on to the road to recovery. Elijah's House was years ago first established as a Sober Living Home and the C.E.O of Elijah's House Shafter McCoy saw the need for an upscale treatment center in his area at an affordable price. Elijah's House staff believes in incorporating a mind , body and spirit approach to addiction treatment. This includes process groups, introduction to the 12 steps, one on one with a Licensed Family Therapist and relapse prevention groups to bring a well balanced approach to addiction treatment.Shafter McCoy and his staff truly understand how addiction can make an addict or alcoholic feel hopeless and helpless. If you would like more information please

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