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Hospital Discharge Planning

The discharge of homeless patients from hospitals is complex. Understanding housing options and ways to access housing are important for hospital discharge planning. More On This

Reduce health risks associated with injection drug use using practical harm reduction strategies. More On This
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Los Angeles Community Action Network
United Homeless Healthcare Partners
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L.A.'s Most Comprehensive Homeless Resource
Los Angeles Homeless Resource is a vast collection of community resources and information. It is a collaborative effort, one which brings together service providers, advocates, government agencies and the general public. This resource is volunteer driven and is freely edited by any Wikia user.

Please help make this a better resource by participating as an contributor. Your contributions will help us to provide the most current and up-to-date resource information. You can add and edit resources and information at any time--thus helping to make this site the definitive homeless resource.

If you have any ideas or suggestions regarding content or to add new features, please contact the administrators. Thank you.

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  • Drug Policy Conference: International Drug Policy Reform Conference in Los Angeles. November 2-5, 2011 More On The Drug Policy Conference
  • JWCH Medical Clinic – Lynwood, currently located at 3624 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Lynwood, CA 90262, will be relocating in Summer 2011 to a new location: at 3591 East Imperial Highway, Lynwood, CA 90262. More On This
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