1-888-2-EMPLOY (1-888-236-7569)

Who Are We?Edit

SoCalWORKS is a partnership of businesses, economic development organizations, public and non-profit education and training agencies, and local governments.

We are dedicated to supporting the business community and working families in the greater Los Angeles County area. SoCalWORKS partners also offer special programs for low wage earners and Welfare-to-Work parents.

Where to Reach UsEdit

Check out the Links on this site! Or call our toll-free Business Help Line 1-888-2-EMPLOY (1-888-236-7569) and speak to one of our business resource advisors who can quickly help you access:

  • A database of 1000s of motivated job applicants
  • On-line posting of your job listings
  • Experienced Job Developers who can work with you to meet your unique personnel needs
  • Business tax credit information * Education and skills training programs designed to meet the challenges of a changing economy

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